Nush was born out of a desire to do dairy-free differently; to produce a range of ethical, dairy-free products and destroy the myth that dairy-free has to be bland and boring!

Founded by ex-police officers Bethany and Paul Eaton after spotting a gap in the market for a yoghurt alternative that was as light, as creamy and as tangy as their dairy counterparts. With only soya-based alternatives being available, Bethany and Paul began their quest for the perfect dairy-free yoghurt. They began playing around with almond milk in their kitchen at home, trialling and testing every recipe, with the help of their two children Megan and James, until they found they created the perfect almond milk yog that would win the hearts and taste buds of the UK.

Every pot of Nush is made to this original recipe in our UK based artisan factory. We make our own almond milk so we can control how much almond the milk contains. Unlike shop bought almond milk that can contain as little as one percent almond, plus many unfavourable fillers, our milk contains a very high percentage of almonds and truly lives up to its name.

We hand pick all our suppliers and only work with people that hold the same beliefs as us as a brand, we source all our almonds from Europe. European almonds are kinder to the environment as they require very little water to grow, unlike the Californian variety that requires up to five litres to grow just one almond!

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350g Pots

350g Pots
Nush just got even bigger (and better) with the launch of our 350g pots of strawberry and blueberry almond yog,…

New Brand Look

New Brand Look
Our brand new look is revealed