Nush / Rhythm 108 Collaboration – Vegan Rocky Road

Written by Nush Foods // August 20, 2019

Rich, indulgent and crunchy slabs of chocolately heaven! These Rocky Road squares are pretty adaptable, so you can swap and change any of the ingredients to anything you fancy or have in the cupboard. We personally love Rhythm 108 almond biscuits, only containing 6 ingredients they are vegan, gluten free and seriously addictive, they work so well with the dark chocolate and chewy sultanas.

300g of dark chocolate melted slowly over a low heat, add one tbsp of melted coconut oil, one tbsp of maple syrup, then leave to cool slightly before adding 120g caramel and hibiscus yog, crumbled up @livias salted caramel millionaire bites, @rhythm108 almond biscuits, a handful of flaked almonds and juicy raisins. Mix all together and pour into a tin and leave to set in the fridge for four hours, enjoy!