‘To-Fish Finger’ Butty


The Tartare Sauce
100g Nush natural almond yog

2 cornichons (sliced)

1 tbsp capers

Lemon juice


The ‘To-Fish’ Fingers
2 pieces of tofu (each piece being 30g each)

1 cup breadcrumbs

100g Nush natural yog

Juice of half a lemon


To Serve
2 tbsp mushy peas

1 vegan brioche bun

The above tartare sauce & to-fish fingers

Lemon juice

Optional: spinach


Preheat your oven to 200°C.

Cut your tofu block into 9 fingers in total

In a bowl, add your Nush natural yog for the fish fingers, as well as the lemon juice and salt.

Add 2 of your fish fingers at a time into the yoghurt mix, making sure they get fully coated.

Set aside for a minute and pour your breadcrumbs out onto a plate – we blended up one brioche bun and used that as our breadcrumbs.

To a small oven-proof tray, add 4 tbsp of vegetable oil, then put the tray in the oven to heat up.

Remove the tofu pieces from the yoghurt, and roll in the breadcrumbs until fully coated, then remove your tray from the oven, carefully placing your tofu onto the baking tray. Bake for 20 minutes, turning the tofu over every 5 minutes (use a spatula so the breadcrumbs don’t fall off), then continue to bake for another 5-10 minutes until the fish fingers start to turn golden.

When almost done, mix your tartare sauce ingredients together in a new bowl & heat up your mushy peas.

Toast your brioche bun, then spread some tartare sauce over the base, followed by the mushy peas, spinach (if using), your fish fingers, and then top with lemon juice & the top of your bun.