Reindeer Cake Pops


Serves 12


125g plain flour

25g cacao powder

130g dairy-free butter

115g caster sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

80g smooth apple sauce

30ml vegetable oil

60g Nush Natural Almond Yog


40g icing sugar

150g Nush Natural Almond Spread

25g cacao powder

120g dark chocolate

3 tbsps of coconut oil

12 cake pop sticks

Edible eyes

Pretzels for antlers

Red icing for nose


Preheat oven to 180 degrees and grease or line a square or rectangular tin.

In a bowl, using a hand or electric whisk, cream together the dairy-free butter and caster sugar before adding the apple sauce, vegetable oil, vanilla extract and Nush Natural Almond Yog.

Combine before adding the plain flour and cacao powder.

Mix well and then empty the mixture into the tin. Bake in the oven until a toothpick comes out clean. The time will vary depending on the size of the tin/depth of the mixture. After roughly 20-25 minutes, check before you remove from the oven.

Allow the cake to cool completely before breaking it into small crumbs.

Next cream together the icing sugar, Nush Natural Almond Spread and cacao powder, and then add the crumbs into it and combine.

Roll the mixture into approximately 12 balls and carefully push a stick into the middle. Lay them all on a lined baking tray and put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

When ready to decorate, melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil in a bowl and allow to cool slightly before covering the cake pops in chocolate. Hold over the bowl and use a spoon to coat. Coat them in batches taking half out of the fridge at a time

Prop the chocolate-covered cake pops up by poking into a block of polystyrene foam, loaf of bread, blue tac or use a method of your choice!

Carefully cut the pretzels in half to create the antlers and gently poke them in the cake pops.

Add the eyes and then place the cake pops in the fridge or a cold place to set.

Once set, add the icing for the nose and enjoy!