Jaffa’ Cake


The Cake
4 tbsp oat flour

28g aquafaba (chickpea water)

3 tbsp sugar of choice

1 tbsp nut butter

1/2 tsp baking powder


1 tsp vinegar


Splash plant milk

The Jam
1 heaped tbsp smooth apricot jam

1 heaped tbsp smooth orange marmalade

The Ganache
8 squares dark chocolate

4 tbsp almond yog

Splash hot water


Preheat the oven to 170°C

Cream together the nut butter and sugar until you have a paste

Add the vanilla and a splash of plant milk so you have more of a watery paste

Add the flours, baking powder and salt to the mix and set aside

Whip the aquafaba to stiff peaks

Incorporate the aquafaba into the flour mix and carefully mix so you don’t knock the air out of the mix

Add the vinegar and mix well

Add to a mini lined cake tin and bake for 18-20 mins or until it springs back

Leave to cool, then slice in half. Mix the jam and marmalade together, and spread evenly across both layers

Put the layers back together, then use a serrated knife to remove rough edges

Melt your chocolate, add the plain yog and mix well until they are well combined

Add a splash of hot water and mix well – do this until you have a drizzly icing

Pour the icing over the cake, put it onto a plate and top with orange rind and a pinch of Maldon salt

Set in the fridge for at least 30 mins and serve