Frozen Fruit Crumble

Frozen fruit crumble…another easy one for you that can be adapted to suit whatever tinned, frozen or fresh fruit you have.


In a pan, stew the rhubarb on a low heat for thirty minutes (draining of any excess water from the freezing process), add the ginger syrup and cook for another five minutes

Gently together the crumble ingredients using your fingertips, careful not to use too much pressure…until you create a crumbly rubble mix

Grab a oven proof dish and assemble the fruit first and the crumble on top

Bake on 170 degrees for 35 minutes, serve with lashings and lashings of natural Nush.

Rhubarb, ginger and almond…the best flavour combination ever


500g frozen rhubarb
2 tbsp stem ginger syrup
150g gluten free flour
50g oats
85g coconut oil (chilled)
70g coconut sugar