Caramel, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake


Mix the digestive biscuit breadcrumbs and vegan butter together before tipping into a lined lose bottom tin and leaving to chill in fridge for an hour

Combine the vegan cream cheese, almond yoghurt, flavour drops (or maple syrup) and peanut butter together before covering the base and putting back into the fridge for another hour

Now, add the coconut caramel layer and place back in the fridge

Finally, add the melted chocolate and leave to set for at least 24hrs, slice open and enjoy the gooey deliciousness


200g vegan digestive biscuits processed into breadcrumbs

80g melted vegan butter

500g Nush natural almond spread

5 drops of peanut butter flavour drops

4tbsp Nush natural yog

4tbsp of peanut butter

200g Natures Charm vegan salted caramel dessert topping

150g vegan chocolate