Apple Crumble & Custard Pancakes


4 heaped tbsp plain white self-raising flour

1 heaped tsp sugar

1/2 level tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

115ml plant drink of choice

The ‘custard’
200g Nush natural almond yog

1 tbsp syrup of choice

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

To Top
Granola of choice

Chopped apple

Peanut butter


Whisk all your pancake ingredients together in a small mixing bowl until smooth.

Make your pancakes as you would normally (grease a pan, leave to heat for a minute or 2, then pour on your batter, and flip the pancake when bubbles start to pop on the surface) – we love making them small, so we can easily stack them high!

Mix your yog, syrup, and vanilla together in a small bowl, and adjust to taste – you may need to add more syrup/ water to make the mixture more drizzly.

When all the pancakes are cooked, start layering them- top the first pancake with a thin layer of your yog mix, then add another pancake, and top that with a thin layer of apple sauce. Repeat until you’ve used them all.

When you’ve used your last pancake, don’t top it with anything, just pour over your yog, then top with your crumble granola and chopped apple.