Supporting UK Based Businesses

October 30, 2020

As we were browsing through the many dairy-free products that are now available in British supermarkets, we couldn’t help but notice how many of them are produced elsewhere in Europe. This is what makes us seriously different at Nush, as every single pot of yog and cheese spread are lovingly made by us in our artisan factory, based in Greater London. We are so proud to be an independent, family-owned British business, dedicated to changing the way the UK does dairy-free. Nush founders, Bethany and Paul, began playing around with their almond milk in their kitchen at home, trialling and tweaking variations to ensure they created the perfect dairy-free yog, that would go on to win the hearts and taste buds of the UK. Every pot is still made to their original recipe, so you know every product is brought to you with love and care. In such difficult times, it’s never been more important to support local businesses, so next time you’re food shopping, ask yourself, “who made my food?”.

How to choose a dairy-free yoghurt!

But, what makes a good dairy-free yoghurt, we hear you cry?! For us, it’s all in the ingredients… At Nush, we like to use minimal and high-quality ingredients, keeping things simple and easy to understand; we never use refined sugar, instead using fruit purée to keep things sweet, and low in sugar content and calories. Using a high percentage of almond milk is important to us; it creates a silky creamy texture, and ensures the product lives up to its name and doesn’t rely on fillers or additives. Even more importantly, we always fortify our yogs with live vegan cultures (including Bifidobacterium species and Lactobacillus acidophilus) – two common strands of bacteria found in traditional dairy yoghurt – to ensure that you are getting the tummy-loving goodness you expect and desire from a yoghurt alternative. It may shock you to know many dairy-free yoghurts on the market do not fortify their products at all, meaning they are not live or active and do not promote gut health. So next time you’re shopping for a dairy-free product, check the label and see who’s making your food and (more importantly) what they are, and are not, adding to it.

What’s the deal with Lactobacillus Acidophilus?

Our yogs all contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a popular bacterium which is naturally found in your gut… it is often used in a normal yoghurt-making process, and just ’cause our products are dairy-free, this doesn’t make them an exception! We ferment ours with this strand of bacteria because it plays a huge role in your general health and well-being…

– It can reduce cholesterol, LDL and blood sugar levels
– Improves symptoms of IBS such as bloating and abdominal pain
– Prevents colds and flu-like symptoms, as well as supporting a healthy immune system
– Boosts gut health by increasing the amount of good bacteria that lives in your gut, as well as reducing the number of bad ones! It also increases levels of the short-chain fatty acid Butyrate, which again promotes gut health

Just a couple of reasons why you should add Nush to your daily diet… Remember, not all products are made equal! So many products on the market do not contain the right bacteria to be ‘alive and active’, which means that they DO NOT contain the gut health properties that they should in order to be called a yoghurt. So next time you’re shopping for dairy-free products, make sure to read the label to know what you are buying!

Natural Nush now available in Sainsbury’s!

Our natural almond yog is now available in selected Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Perfect for your morning granola, muesli or smoothies and equally delicious in soups, stews, dips and curries. Naturally creamy, tangy and so natural… the best ingredient to have stashed in your fridge for the week. Check out the stores below so you know where to find us!