Our Story

Our Story

Nush was born out of a passion to produce the finest quality, ethical dairy free products that taste great and destroy the myth that dairy free has to be bland and boring.

The Milk

Our delicious rich and creamy Almond Milk Yoghurt is made using our own artisan almond milk, freshly prepared each day in our factory. We make our own almond milk so we could control how much almond the milk contains. Unlike shop bought almond milk that can contain as little as one percent almond, plus many unfavourable fillers. Our milk contains a very high concentration of almonds and truly lives up to its name.

We do not add anything but almonds and filtered water to our milk.

This is then mixed with vegan yoghurt cultures to ferment and produce a rich and creamy, live dairy free yoghurt that we believe to be one of a kind.

Nush Our Story
Nush Our Story

Our Suppliers

We hand pick all our suppliers and work with people that hold the same beliefs as us, our almonds are sourced from a family plantation in Sicily. The almonds are the highest quality on the international market, our Sicilian almonds come from Avola and are nothing like Californian almonds that many other almond milk manufacturers use.

Sicilian almonds are kind to the environment as they require very little water to grow, unlike Californian almonds that reportedly use 5 litres of water to grow one almond! 10 percent of the states agricultural water consumption.

After many trials in the kitchen we then decided to release cashew milk yoghurt, the cashew nut brought such a rich and creamy taste it made a perfect base to the yoghurt. Made using organic Vietnamese Cashew nuts, using up to 20 percent in our own artisan cashew milk we then ferment with vegan cultures, this makes a delicious, creamy dairy free yoghurt.

Our products are all hand made and bought to you with love and care!