Meet the Founder, Bethany Eaton!

August 14, 2019

Hi I’m Bethany, founder of Nush! My journey into health and nutrition began during my time working in the London Metropolitan Police Force; the daily demands of working in a high pressure environment caused me to experience multiple health issues, leaving me tired and unable to live my best life. Changing my diet and adopting a dairy and gluten-free holistic lifestyle helped me in so many ways; and my passion and love for health and nutrition began!

This new interest lead me to study nutrition, before starting a career working with clients in my health practice in London. It was here I had daily interaction with clients who had various health concerns and specific dairy-free requirements; I wanted to recommend a yoghurt that was a healthy alternative to dairy but free from soya, sugar and nasty additives.

As almond has always been my go-to dairy-free milk, I said to my husband Paul, why not make a yoghurt out of it? It was this idea that began our journey to produce the UK’s first range of almond milk yogs and cheese spreads, free from dairy, soya, lactose, gluten and refined sugar. Using only the finest ingredients, our award-winning yogs have captured the taste and the hearts of the nation; ultimately proving that dairy-free doesn’t have to be bland or boring.

Paul and I always trial every recipe at home first with the help of our children Megan and James – nothing goes to market that we’re not all 100% in love with, so you know all of our products are brought to you with love and care!